The Group has set up a number of permanent organisations within the University of Pavia:

The Didactics and History Section of the "A. Volta" Physics Department

In one wing of the Department, there are 9 studies and a large area equipped with work tables and inter-linked computers for students taking the History of Physics and/or Teaching courses

Multimedia Laboratories

Next to that Section there is the "A. Volta" Department's Educational Technology Laboratory, dedicated to research and the production of hypermedial history-teaching materials. It contains numerous computers, a scanner, masterizers, printers and audio-visual equipment. Finishing touches are being put to a second laboratory in the Museum.

Science-teaching Laboratory

This is for the real, not virtual, reconstruction of experiments, including historical ones, for analysing and discussing with working teachers or those in training.

Photographic and Restoration laboratories

The former laboratory is equipped with spotlights, reflectors, umbrellas, editing tables, cameras, tripods, etc. It is used for photographing the antique apparatus.
The second is for restoring the apparatus.
Both are being renovated at the Museum.

Multimedia Lecture Room

Intended for popularising the History of Science, and situated in the Museum area, it contains an Internet network, a server with nine workstations, one workstation linked to a video projector, and an audio set-up for teaching via digital technology.

Pavia University History Museum, Physics Section

The Museum dates from the thirties. The apparatus in the Physics Section was all restored in the eighties.

Alessandro Volta's Physics Lab

This is a reconstruction of the original laboratory, with Volta's desk, work bench and 120 of his instruments, amongst which are some of his famous inventions.
Two liquid crystal monitors, connected to the Intranet, permit viewing of descriptions and animations on site, which can then be studied in the multimedia room

Physics History Collection from Pavia University's Libraries

This collection of several thousand works, some dating from the 16th & 17th Centuries, deals with the history of Physics and has been collected from the University Central Library and the Physics Department one.

Centre for the Propagation of the History of Science

This also is being set up in the Museum area. It will be an inter-faculty facility for developing and co-ordinating teaching and the spread of knowledge of the History of Science.