Relationships with the Scientific Community

Science Societies

Members of our Group have been among those who promoted, founded and organised The National Physics History Group, the National Group for the Teaching of the History of Physics, the Interdivisional Groups of History of Physics, the European Physical Society , The Science and Education International Group. They have also helped to run and take, or have taken, part in the scientific deliberations of the Division of History of Science of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science at La Villette, of the Interdivisional Group of Physics Education, the European Physical Society, the Italian Society for the History of Science, the Italian Society for the History and Basics of Physics, and that for the Logic and Philosophy of Science and the Association of Physics Teachers.

Scientific Reviews

Members of the Group have shared in founding and are, or have been, on the editorial board of the following reviews: Science & Education, Perspectives in Physics, Physics in School. They are also referees for several other journals.

National and International Conferences

The Group has organised numerous national and international conferences, in Italy and abroad. Specifically, they organise the biennial conferences held by the Interdivisional Group of History of Physics of the European Physical Society, and of the Science & Education International Group. They have also, for many years, been looking after the Italian congresses on Teaching and History of Physics, and have published over fifteen volumes of Proceedings.

International Co-operation

Over the years, scientific co-operation has been established with universities and museums, viz. the universities of Cambridge, Melbourne, Minneapolis, and the science museums in Munich.
and Paris (La Villette, CNAM). Numerous foreign lecturers have come and continue to come, for research and to hold seminars in Pavia. Over ten of them have come as visiting professors, for courses held by Group members.