Finance and the Pavia Project Physics

A summary of the research and activities connected with our heritage of primary sources, our historical analysis of specific elements and tendencies, methodological perspectives of a historiographic, educational and epistemological order, and with digital technology, goes under the name of Pavia Project Physics. The project is unified by content, the possibility of various investigative levels, and by technology. The integration of texts, multimedia presentations, hyper-media, CDs, web sites, teleconferences, and soon DVD-ROM, enables all the information to be accessed easily and knowledge of the History of Science to be better propagated.
The Group's research has been made possible thanks to financing from the University of Pavia, the CNR and MURST but particularly thanks to the MURST law, number 113/90, on the spread of scientific culture. The Group has been a prime-mover in getting the primary sources (manuscripts, books and scientific apparatus) qualified as Scientific National Heritage. This contributed to the creation of the CNR's National Heritage Committee. The Group also takes part in the Strategic and then Finalised Project on National Heritage, whose support is crucial for continuing the work.