Data Base. Permits specific, detailed research on items produced .
The History and Teaching of Physics Group. Presentation of the activities of the research group and associated organisations.
Finance. Presentation of the organisations which finance the Group’s activities.
Disciplines. Presentation of the academic disciplines and courses held by members of the research group.
Products. Indications of where to obtain historical-scientific products.
Virtual Communities. The plan to create virtual communities is being realised by various means.
Institutions. Links with connected institutions, either as users or reference points for expanding contents.
Popularisation.Section containing information on non-specialist material and displays.
Courses. Lessons based on Case Studies, presenting particularly important specific themes. A series of case studies can make up one course.
Essays and studies. Section dedicated to secondary source material, useful for in-depth research.
Primary sources. Presentation of primary sources on-line: manuscripts, texts, 3-D reconstructions and quantitative simulations of apparatus functioning.
Catalogues. Online and/or traditional cataloguing of the collection.
Cultural Heritage. Pavia University has an absolutely extraordinary heritage of scientific cultural property. Presentation of items particularly dealt with by the Group.