The Galvani-Volta controversy

1. Luigi Galvani
Luigi Galvani was born in Bologna in 1737. He got a degree in medicine and surgery at Bologna University in 1759 and then got another in Philosophy.

Portrait of Luigi Galvani

In 1766 he became lecturer in Anatomy at the Science Academy of the Bologna Institute and in 1768 Assistant Professor of Anatomy. In 1782 he moved from the Chair of Anatomy to that of Obstetrics.
In April 1798 he was removed from the professorship for refusing to swear allegiance to the Cisalpine Republic but was then reinstated as Professor Emeritus.
He died on 4th December 1798.
The Controversy between Galvani and Volta started in 1792 with Galvani’s publication of De viribus elettricitatisin motu musculari commentarius in which he presented the results of the research he started in 1780.

Frontispiece of the Commentarius