Section 1

Volta and his Influence on Physics

The Voltaic Origins of Helmholtz's Physics of Ions

Changing a Theory: the case of Volta's Contact Electricity

Volta's Apostle: Christoph Heinrich Pfaff, Champion of the Contact Theory

Giuseppe Eugenio Balsamo's Iron_lead Piles and Giuseppe Candido's Regulating Diaphragm Pile: Two Contributions from Lecce to the Development of Volta's Battery
In the Wake of Volta's Challenge: The Electrolysis Theory of Theodor Grotthus, 1805

When Chemistry Entered the Pile
The Battery as a Tool of Genuis in the work of Humphry Davy

Volta and the Strange History of Electromagnetism

The Correspondence between Alessandro Volta and Giuseppe Zamboni about the Realization of the "Dry Piles"