Alessandro Volta, l’uomo e lo scienziato

1-Young Volta

2-Initial research

3-The discovery of methane

4-Research on gases

5-Volta in Pavia

6-Animal electricity and the debate with Galvani

7- The invention of battery

8- Honour and Glory

9- The final years

Volta, the electrifying physicist

1-The electrophorus

How the electrophorus functions

2-The condenser

3-The condenser electrometer

The law of the condenser

The electrometer

Other inventions and research

The Galvani - Volta controversy

1-Luigi Galvani

2-Galvani's first experiments

3-The second experiment

4-Volta's position

5-The third experiment and Volta's reaction

6-Another inconclusive situation

7-Volta proves the presence of contact tension and produces the battery

8-Invention announced, 20th March 1800