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Science education

History of Science and Science Education

In the last years historians and philosophers of science and educators have repeatedly drawn attention to the enormous potential role history of science has for promoting the learning of science (Matthews 1994).

Research has shown that incorporation of history of science into science instruction and teachers’ in-service training are effective in leading students and teachers to a better understanding of the science concepts and the NOS (Seroglou & Koumaras 2000; Nott & Wellington 1998.

Many contemporary curricula emphasize the relations between science education and history of science (e.g. Project 2061). History of science can enable students to get an insight into the principles of science and an appreciation of the values of the scientific endeavor. We believe that bridging history of science with science education in science teachers’ training programs that teachers are active and function in a collaborative inquiry mode of meaning making, will create the conditions teachers to appropriate gradually contemporary meanings about NOL and NOT.